PodMix.13 Spotlight: Dregs1 “The Inspiration” Mixtape

FyourFM’s Klizz & CoolHand Show is proud to Present a Spotlight/Interview on San Franciso native MC,Graff Artist, Producer & Communitie Activist DREGS ONE!… & his all new mixtape “The Inspiration”.. 18 Bangin Tracks.. Featuring some of the Hottest Underground MC’s coming up in the California circuit like: Otayo Dubb, A-1, Patience, Telli Prego & Many more Solid Features! The Inspiration is a Homage to Good Hip-Hop..w/ its funky underground Cali Textures & Unique samples seamlessly blending together as one Master Piece!  ..Dregs One Talks about where he came From…Where he’s at Now & Where he’s going in the Future!  ~A Must Listen~ 30min Pod-Mixtape show~                                                                                                                    (Ft. Interview w/ Dregs & 6 Songs off  “The Inspiration” Mixtape)  ~Click Below to STREAM in seper8 window!~

(Podmix.13 Dregs One Interview/Mixtape Spotlight CLICK HERE)  *Dregs One.. Interview Part.2 COMING SOON!

 Support *DREGS ONE!

(D/L Dregs New Mixtape Free Here)


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F-Your-FM Radio presents: The Klizz & Coolhand Show... Underground Hip-Hop at its Finest! We Support Up-n-Coming Artists as well as the Dopest Mcs in the game..But you aint hearing them on FM... Kcool Radio Says "F#ck Your Fm Dial"... We Are a Weekly radio show on Live Every Thursday Night@8:30pm Pst. LIsten our Past Episodes Anytime!... 90 Minutes Commercial Free Hip-Hop for the Real UGHH head out there.. Artist Submit Mp3's To: KcoolShow@gmail.com
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