NEW: FyourFM’s Featured Artists (LINKS)

We Have a NEW FyourFM “Featured Artists Links” added to the Left Column of our page… These Are Some of are Favorite Artists we’ve been fortunate to Play,Interview & get to know over time. Each Artist  (or Group) are Highly Dedicated and Talented…Blending Unique as well as Classic qualities that make their Music stand out from all the Garbage flooding the net now a days! Klizz & Coolhand are proud to Show some love & give dues to these artists Paving a new road to the Future of Hip-Hop!

  • Geek Squad- Miami Natives & Featured Artists of the Month!.. Featuring Exclusive Production by Acey Ace (High Guys Prods.) & fellow MC..Along w/ 4 other Lyricists.. Wolfman Stylez,M.I.C,Sub-Konchiss  &  Specta (Tune in on March.1 for Exclusive show Feat. Specta and his new Mixtape “Long Overdue..More to come on that later!)… Geek Squad will Also be back on the Show in March to Promote their new 2012 Album!
  • S.I.Q- This Husband & Wife Duo Put the SICK back in Hip-Hop! These New Hampshire Group Represents the Underground..  from their Smooth Beats & Flows, Quotes masterful Lyrics, to Soh-Mheni’s ability to turn an underground banger into a hit single w/ her Amazing singing style…& Flow!.. A Must Listen~
  • Young Blesson- Another Miami Native MC.. A Unique Artist doing things his own way & Creating an original buzz in the Underground. Young Blesson Recently dropped his much anticipated EP “Still Buffalo S.T.U”.. Where his Bruce Lee Persona & Flow Shows he’s Lyrically ready to knock a ninja out! Free D/L…Get it Now!
  • Grand Offical- Los Angeles Hip-Hop Duo~ A.Dose & Adline are the Conservationists of Hip-Hop… Dedicated to Preserving Real Hip-Hop Roots.. These Cats are a refreshing sound in a saturated so called “game”.. Dropping “Grand Imperial” in may 2011 (Free D/L) w/ beats by: Grim & cuts by: Dj. Hallucine-8.. This shit Mah-F#ckin Hip-Hop as it gets… Stay Tuned for Grand Offical 2012 show apperances & their all New Album!
  • The Aztext- Hailing out the VA.. These two MC’s are Raw a fuck.. W/ Features on their album like One-Belo & other Project Blowed Natives..W/ Slamming Boom Bap Beats & Intellegent Flows.. These Virginia MC’s cant help but make Solid Themed Albums! Keep a look out for The Aztext on FyourFM again this year! … ~Hope yall enjoy…we’ll be adding more Artist in the future~

About ughhradio

F-Your-FM Radio presents: The Klizz & Coolhand Show... Underground Hip-Hop at its Finest! We Support Up-n-Coming Artists as well as the Dopest Mcs in the game..But you aint hearing them on FM... Kcool Radio Says "F#ck Your Fm Dial"... We Are a Weekly radio show on Live Every Thursday Night@8:30pm Pst. LIsten our Past Episodes Anytime!... 90 Minutes Commercial Free Hip-Hop for the Real UGHH head out there.. Artist Submit Mp3's To:
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